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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Confused about your child's behavior or performance at school? Unable to balance your work and personal life?

Whether you are stressed, depressed, anxious or angry, feeling disrespected or unheard, or worried about your child(ren), Abound Psychological Services, PLLC can help you find the answers your looking for and help you cope with the stresses and challenges of life. 

Abound Psychological Services, PLLC is a diagnostic and therapeutic clinic founded on a vision to provide hope to children, teens, and adults. We are dedicated to providing you quality service through comprehensive psychological evaluations and evidence-based therapeutic strategies in a supportive and compassionate environment. While we can't change your circumstances, we can work together to better understand the challeges you face, improve academic or job performance, sharpen communication skills, strengthen relationships, and develop positive coping skills. 

Many people wait a long time before seeking help and, often times, the problems get worse. Don't wait for the problems to get worse!

Be courageous! And be encouraged in knowing that YOU have the insight to realize your need for a helping hand or a fresh perspective on a difficult problem.

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